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Bet on Boxing Online Bet on Boxing Today Latest Boxing Price

Boxing. Boxing is a sport that has received a lot of attention from the players because boxing is a sport that has high injection. There are high stakes in each match. The more pairs that are the famous boxers Both also make more people watch. And is of interest to these players And now, boxing is a sport that is competitive every day. Regular evening There are many channels to choose from to follow, including Channel 3, Muay Thai Boxing, Channel 7 Boxing, 7 Colors, etc.

Talking about boxing Then we have to know first what is the sport of boxing, Muay Thai is a martial art that can be used both in sports and in real combat. This type of art has existed since ancient times. The ancestors of the Thai nation have been trained and taught to protect and protect the nation. Thai able-bodied men practiced almost every Thai boxing class. All famous warriors must have received this type of art training. Because of the use of weapons in ancient times such as sword, sword, halberd, etc. If you have knowledge of Thai boxing, then Will make the most benefit Especially when fighting close to the body, you will use some organs such as knees and feet Elbows, etc. Originally, the art of Muay Thai with high tactics was often taught among the master class. Adults or only military kings and nobles Later became widespread to the common people Which has been transferred the science from the teachers Which was formerly a military commander Or warriors have arrived Technology is widespread and persist as long as today.

Muay Thai is a martial art and self-defense, but different from boxing. Meaning that in addition to punching opponents Can still use the feet and elbow to fight again Using punch in Thai boxing In addition to direct punch, hook and upper cut Like boxing Muay Thai still has a punch fight. Swing back and punch if the opponent is not staring at you and does not bow your head down. Often being punched back by the opponent to return to the knockout The return punch is a punch, similar to spinning a return punch. But using the wrist or back of the hand to smash or fight Thai boxers generally use these punching methods, and they can also be used by other organs such as low-kicking, high-kicking, straight-kicking, and kicking. Instep and heel Thai boxers are very skilled in using feet. Mostly it is kicking and kicking. The use of knees Thai boxers can use it in many ways, such as jumping and hitting their knees. They also know how to use elbow which is very dangerous. There are many ways to strike a elbow. A strike elbow means to push down the elbow with the elbow force to swing the elbow parallel to the floor. Leverage elbow is to lift up the elbow or lift the end of the elbow up. Elbow fight is a turn of the hand and hit the elbow in different ways as well.

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