Edinburgh, Scotland — The actual Geological History associated with Edinburgh Castle

The Edinburgh Castle sits on a basalt plug that’s actually a portion of an extinct volcano. This extinct volcano is estimated to have been built some three hundred and forty million years back. This would have occurred roughly during the lower Carboniferous age.


Edinburgh Castles base geological foundation can be utilized to account for decisions in the castles history and might have significance for the subsequent development, creation and design of the Castle and eventually the city itself also. It can also be concluded that the geological foundation played a role in the events that have defined Edinburgh Castle history. Surrounding the castle towards the north, west and south, the Edinburgh Castle is surrounded by sheer cliffs which rise approximately 80 metres (250 ft) above the surrounding horizon. The Edinburgh Castle just had one direction in which it was readily accessible. This meant that the only path to the castle was in the East, which will be where there was a gentle incline going up to the castle.

Because of all of the environmental security from all the ledges, the Edinburgh castle was very hard to penetrate. Because of this, in addition, it produced a great deal of problems. It is geological basalt foundation is an awful aquifer, so it has always been difficult to provide water to the high levels of the castle area. These days, it’s not quite as big an issue because of the ease of bottled water. But back under siege conditions, the inaccessibility of water meant for catastrophic conditions while under siege.

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