October is Window Covering Safety Month!


About Blind House cleaning services dubai, Inc. is committed to upgraded kid and pet security to diminish potential dangers, as per the modified American National Standard for Safety of Corded Window Covering Products, and because of The U.S. Customer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) distinguishing proof of window covers with strings as one of the best five concealed perils in the home.

Risk originates from internal ropes, for example, those found in flat blinds and roman shades, working strings used to raise and lower the blinds, nonstop circle ropes, for example, those found in vertical and move up shades, or even from circles made by purchasers after establishment – when lines become hitched or tangled, or when they are attached to a stationary item trying to keep them out of a kid’s scope.

Force ropes:

Youngsters can choke when they fold the rope over their necks or become caught on top of it made when free ropes get ensnared. Regardless of whether spikes are utilized to wrap abundance force ropes, whenever introduced inside the youngsters achieve, the lines over the projection present a risk.

Circled Bead Chains or Nylon Cords:

Kidscan choke in the detached circles.

Internal Cords of Roman Shades:

Kids can haul out an uncovered inward string on the posterior of Roman shades, fold it over their necks and choke.

Youngsters can put their necks in the opening between the texture and line and choke.

Lifting Loops of Roll-up Blinds:

On the off chance that the lifting circles (that raise and lower the blinds) slide off the side of the visually impaired, they structure an unattached circle where a tyke can wind up snared and choke.

Youngsters can put their necks between the lifting circle and the move up visually impaired material and choke.


We look at all shades and blinds we administration. CPSC prescribes the utilization of cordless window covers in all homes where youngsters live or visit.

We ensure there are no open lines on the front, side, or back of the item and make free ropes blocked off.

In the event that the window shade has circled dab chains or nylon ropes, we will introduce pressure gadgets to keep the rope rigid. The rope tensioner requires right mounting for the item to work appropriately and ought not be adjusted at all.


We can offer to supplant all blinds that have ropes with either cordless blinds, blinds with distant ropes, or different sorts of cordless window covers, for example, inside window shutters, draperies, and shades.

In the event that you are unfit to supplant or expel the majority of your window blinds with strings at one time, begin with the windows in the rooms where your tyke invests the most energy – normally rooms and parlors – and supplant the others as you can.

We can offer you items with:

constant string circles or beaded rope circles that additionally incorporate a string tensioner for more secure task; or

Retractable string framework to make lines less available to kids on the grounds that the force string stays at a steady length; or

Cordless working framework wipes out draw lines; raises and brings down shades or blinds with the bit of a finger.

We don’t suggest putting dens, beds, and furniture near the windows since youngsters can jump on them and access the ropes.

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